And THANK YOU for the ‘Thank You’ in the Thank You’s, appreciate it…! :) I like how the CD finishes with the reprise of the 1st track, a lot of great fusion phrasing in the solos and melodies, very cool stuff! Congrats on another batch of great music! :D
Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal of Guns N’ Roses

“Ponco Satrio delivers a polished set of great guitar nu fusion instrumentals. This is a very mature release, that of a seasoned professional, with cool songs, great guitar tones and great drumming too. Ponco has a good ear and has crafted some great memorable, melodic songs, great phrasing, super tones and slabs of high quality instrumental guitar. This release is sure to appeal to all fans of modern Govan inspired music… this one’s a keeper.”
Laurie Monk , (

“Hey Ponch..I love the CD! My favorite songs at first listen (this could change) are Cyclops, Find the Words and Jakarta. Very nice work my friend. I hope we meet someday..”
– Stephen Ross,

Here we have a fun CD to listen to.
I have known Ponch for a while and would occasionally catch a youtube clip here and there.
This guy can play! Here are my notes upon first listening to GET THE VISION.
It explores a lot of styles of music and guitar playing. Some standouts for me are;
“VERTIGO” is a fun sounding aggressive jazz piece with earmarks of Joe Satriani and Ritchie Kotzen. “Zodiac” has a nice smooth Eric Johnson feel. “Cyclops” has some shredding moments that are uniquely Ponch Satrio and his style alone,holy moly!
This CD also has some quality drumming and bass playing by….oh wait….it’s Ponch Satrio!
All around a nice listening experience with something to offer any mood.
As a fellow guitar player I can tell if a CD is good if I get the urge to pick up my guitar and do a bit of noodling of my own after listening. I can tell you my guitar is in my hands at the moment.”
CJ Szuter,

“the light – cool opening with the backwards guitars – makes you feel that there is hope and is a peaceful feeling – dig it
vertigo – really cool fusion tune – right up there with kotzen/howe, shades of holdsworth also in your phrasing.
cyclops – i like the groove – nice and nasty. i like how you mix up the blues scale with the more exotic fusion type stuff. good work.
only time will tell – this one gives me the impression that you were thinking of someone “special” when you wrote this and were hoping to see them again very soon. nice harmonies, very pretty. i like the bass line – simple and effective.
find the words – nice and funky, just the way i like it. your bass lines are right in the pocket and support the song very well. kinda has a bit of michael lee firkins in there – cool stuff.
zodiac – this one has a cool “swing” to it, nice and laid back – once again, great bass playing. cool harmonies in all the right places. you can sense that you were smiling when you did this.
jakarta – you can tell that you love your home and were probably away when you wrote this. cool double stops in the intro, you don’t hear that much anymore. very well written, nice melodies.
get the vision – this kinda reminds me of “not of this earth” era Satriani. it has a cool mysterious vibe to it. i like the clean chords behind it all.
the light reprise – cool ending to a very cool cd
dude – all around i love it. i like the fact that you can obviously shred with the best of them but that you don’t over do it. very well written and played – congrats on an awesome cd bro !!!”
Rob Adams, Jacksonville, Florida, US

“Impressive album from a talented guitar player…….this CD is a must.”
Bernard Larso (Founder & Guitar Instructor of Guitar School of Indonesia/GSI)

“- Fusion – LA Style Jazz-Rock, itu kesan yang aku dapatkan saat menyimak Album ini.
Ponch Satrio, anggota Ordo-Gitarist Profesional Indonesia yang memiliki Jubah dan Toga dengan karya-karya nya yang memiliki Cap-Pro itu sudah jelas sah berada di-dalam Kategori ini.
Aroma musik-musik yang jadi ciri khas GIT, sekolah gitar di-Hollywood, kental di-album ini, aku malah bisa mencium aroma keringat dari Don Mock dalam permainan Ponch.
Mendapatkan aroma ini bukan satu hal yang gampang, main Intervalic, keluar-masuk wilayah tonalitas Inside dan Outside membutuhkan insting dan telinga yang kuat untuk mengatur proporsi dari kedua kubu tonalitas yang berlawanan itu.
dan….Ponch sudah ahli dalam urusan Inside dan Outside ini dengan koleksi phrasing-nya yang up-to-date. Aku biasanya bisa segera tahu apa yang dimainkan oleh banyak Gitaris, scale-nya apa, fingering-nya bagaimana hanya dengan mendengar saja. Tapi kali ini, aku blank.
Semua tracks balance sama kuat dan style musik fokus, tidak kemana-mana, stay in Fusion-Land.
Ponch nge-mix banyak hal didalam permainan-nya dan semuanya dilakukan dengan Insting yang kuat dan kontrol telinga sehingga tidak berkesan tempel-tempel-an, dan telinga serta insting adalah segala-gala-nya dalam ber-musik.
Mayoritas tonalitas disini 75% adalah Outside dengan main Interval dan tahan not ekstensi, dihiasi sekali-kali dengan nge-riff Blues-Rock, nge-Shredd dengan Sweep dan Finger-Tapping.
Sound Tube yang dipakai mungkin warm-nya sudah ke-angkat saat proses Mastering sehingga plate reverb kedengaran menyelimuti keseluruhan instrument.
Speaking of instruments, Ponch main semua alat di-album ini, Drum and Bass plus Guitar off-course. Skill Ponch pada kedua alat lain ini juga setara dengan Gitarnya yang Profesional dan memberi kontribusi yang solid bagi Album ini, Bravo !!
Album ini masuk dalam catatan Library of Congres-nya Indonesia dalam urusan Jazz-Rock Fusion dan Ponch akan tercatat dalam sejarah, sebagai seorang Gitaris Indonesia.
and..this is from me to Ponch, personally, i must say that it’s not easy to get that polished GIT Fusion sound, especially Don Mock influence, takes a lot of works. Salute to you !
Hope to listen to your next Album and will prefer if you tighten things up some more, i know it’s a tall order to play everythings by your self. Probably cut down on the reverb a bit so when it goes to Mastering, things will sit right there in proper balance.
and…by the way, thanks for mentioned me in your credits and did you really met Sterling Ball from Music Man ? Amazing, i know he played Bass for Albert Lee.”
– Andrie Tidie, 2010

“bro aku baru dikirimin cdmu oleh bagus nugroho get the vision< keren bro great stuff!! look forward to hear more!!”
– I Wayan Balawan,