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For the serious player – I’m available to give workshops and teach guitar lessons for schools, for groups, and privately. The lessons cover an array of styles from Blues to Jazz, Fusion, and, of course, Rock. With teaching experience of over 15 years, I am constantly developing new methods, ideas on music theory, fresh approaches to guitar techniques, and ways to impart a sense of fresh creativity. Make sure to check out some of my free guitar lessons on my site and subscribe to my free guitar Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/ponch). For a very limited private guitar lesson, contact me at ponch@ ponchsatrio.com https://www.facebook.com/ponchguitardojo


“What can I say about Ponch? His grasp and explanation of music and scales has changed my whole way of looking at music, melodies, and soloing. It’s more than technical knowledge, it’s a whole new philosophy.

His clinic made everything easier, yet gave me more options. All of this knowledge and philosphy… and it’s packed into one of the nicest, most patient, kindest hearted packages.

Thanks, Ponch. Now I have to go practice.”

Marlon Carbone , Merjer Kreative, Inc , Oklahoma City, US.

“The first thing I noticed was man, Ponch really sucks at guitar… no lol just kidding buddy. I thought it was a great time! I was sitting a bit far back and without my glasses (my eyes are getting pretty shitty these days) so I couldn’t see everything you were doing, but the first piece Phoenix was freakin awesome!! The one thing I really noticed was towards the end everyone was really into it by the end and it just seemed as if the whole room had been changed by the music, as if all the evil was just gone and the room was just filled with good atmosphere from the music. That’s one of the things I like about music and how you approach it, especially how you were telling me to listen to each note and appreciate each note. But other than that, it really sucked… no hahaha! just kidding man! Glad you made it back to Indonesia!”

– Brian Koch, Oklahoma City, US

“Hello master ponch!!!

Ponch is My master at MSI music school.. He’s the BEST and the COOLEST teacher.. so patient, when I couldn’t understand the lesson he still teached me patiently, there’s no need for questioning his guitar skill.. and the most thing I like about Ponch is he doesn’t see me as his student only, but as his friend or his Brother (maybe :D) .

Thanks Ponch.. lucky to have teacher like you.”

Frans Fernando, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Dude I listened to your CD that you gave me last night!!! thanks man it’s freakin awesome and I don’t even usually like instrumental that much! It was nice meeting you, such a super guitar guru with skills and a really nice dude, I pray that God continues to bless you with more and more talent! Keep up the good work man!”

Zac Sanders, Oklahoma City, US

“ Thanks for the seminar and CD! Really enjoyed both. Interesting that you did all the instruments on the CD.”

– Shaun Alders, Oklahoma City, US