Guitar For Hire

Guitar For Hire

I’m available to play on your music project, both live and recording, with all variety of styles. I’m active in recording projects for various artists, TV & radio jingles, product themes, movie soundtracks, and sessions. Fair rates, great work ethic, and excellent sound guaranteed. Please feel free to contact : ponchsatrio@rocketmail.com


“Ponch Satrio is one hell of guitar player with diverse music styles, one of the best in Indonesia…he work fast too ! It took only 30 minutes to get his part for my project & he do it with great passion !”

Agus Hardiman, Musician & audio profesional, Jakarta, Indonesia.

“Working with Ponch in the studio is an incredible experience. Not only is he one of the most technically gifted guitarists I have ever worked with, his diversity of style, feel for arranging and overall musical insight is incredible. He doesn’t settle for anything less than amazing, and all that while being remarkably humble, and fun to be around. From jingle work to sessions in a variety of styles, Ponch is a “go to” guy that will never disappoint!”

Aubrey Delane, Musician, Songwriter & Music Producer, Texas, USA http://www.broadjam.com/aubdelane