10.06.16 – Proudly endorsed by Sinvertek pedals, and PRS Guitars. Been a clinician for PRS Guitars long time ago, finally welcomed to join the family. Thanks to Djuned Kusuma of PRS Guitars Indonesia for make me feel like being at home. Currently working on my band “DeGils” for an EP, also produce my upcoming singles, “Afterglow” and “Hear Me”, I’m thankful that I’ve been supported by greatest musicians like Agus Hardiman, Kevin Dwi, Iwan Xaverius, and also Mr Yobbi Ananta, owner of Grimm Studio for the hospitality. I’m back.. We’ll do more rockin on stage, it’s been a while! 

06.12.12 – This Saturday on the Indie Show on FCC Free Radio we are going to play an amazing mp3 from guitar wizard Ponch Satrio. For all our math rock friends you have to check this out. This guy should be opening up for Steve Vai. To check out last weeks Indie Show Podcast go to

09.11.14 – A single “Dazzled” Released. Enjoy it !

09.11.14 – A single “Electric Junkie” Released. Enjoy it !

01.11.14 – Silver Guitar Concert with Benny M Tanto Guitar Orchestra, duet solist with Kezia Amelia on violin @ Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. 1st Nov 2014. 

03.10.14 – A single “Buzz” Released. Enjoy it !

17.02.14 – Available to purchase my 1st guitar instructional book “ Modern Blues Improvisation For Guitar” Book+CD (In Indonesian)

07.02.14 – Look what I’ve got here ! Thanks to Tommy Ardianza of Mpel’s Custom Work Netherlands \m/

01.01.14 – HAPPY NEW YEARS ! I have a good news, here’s my new band “Vicious Autumn” ! we have loud metal music !! \m/

Still waiting to have a great vocalist to join us, we’re open for vocals audition, drop me message if you interested !

01.12.13 – Working on my band project ‘MindRiot’ we have some killer rockin groove here! go check it our folks !

01.11.13 – I’ll be on Steve Brockmann latest metal album “Vision of Choice”, I’m honor to be part of his amazing works!

07.12.13 – Ponch Satrio Fujigen Guitars & Blackstar Amps Clinic & Blues Competition at Atrium Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta

16.11.13 – Ponch Satrio Band will play with Bumblefoot at Jakarta Blues Festival, Istora Senayan, Indonesia

12.11.13 – PA and Interpeter for Bumblefoot Masterclass in Lombok, Rocket Music Store, Indonesia

09.11.13 – Doing PA and as interpreter for Bumblefoot Masterclass , Jakarta Indonesia

22.09.13 – It’s an honor to join my new family ; FGN Guitars, Blackstar Amps & Elixir Strings. Let’s rock ! \m/ @Guitar_Dojo #GuitarDojo



18.07.13 – Guitar and Bass Clinic at Music School of Indonesia Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 29th August 2013 at 1 PM

06.15.13 – Clinic at Jakarta Guitar Festival 2013, don’t forget to visit Stephallen Guitars booth !

05.29.13 – Start rehearsing with Ponch Satrio solo project band. This is going to be a fun stuff !

o5.29.13 – Done recording session for Song Festival ABU (Asian Pacific Broadcast Union) in Vietnam

04.28.13 – I’m done recording some guitars for ‘Heaven’s On Fire” for KISS tribute album, love the tone out of my guitar !

02.18.13 – Ponch with The Feckers officially will be on KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album Continue Reading..

01.24.13 – Please come and join us at Stephallen Guitars Los Angeles NAMM Show 2013, Booth #1364 hall E, Jan 24-27 See you there!

01.19.13 – The Feckers officially release our album “It’d Be Rude Not To”, many great musicians involved in this album, Roy Bratbaken, Richard Anderson, Chris Szkup, Dennis Leeflang (Lita Ford Band), Ron Bumblefoot Thal (GNR) and many other. I’m honor to be part of this history ! Stay tune for more info about pre order and updates

Here’s the preview clips

Today is 12.12.12 – I’m officially endorsed by MORLEY USA, it’s truly an honor to join the family among those giants ! :D

Guitar Zone CD is available now ! get it on the following link

Officially endorsed by Pedal Tank killer tone pedals!

Officially join with Tiara & Soul Peppers we play some RnB, Soul and Jazz

Tiara & Soul Peppers

Great NAMM Show 2012 trip, met old and new friends ! click the following link NAMM Gallery

Here’s a quick chit chat with my great friend Ron Thal of Guns N’ Roses

I played my Phoenix at Lace pickups booth at NAMM VIDEO CLIP

Stephen Ross ‘Zephyr’ signature from Stephallen Guitar officially release ! it’s an honor to personally handed the guitar to him :)

02/01/2012 - Ponch Music Store Officially at Grand Mall, Solo City, Indonesia

01/19/2012 – NAMM Show with Stephallen Guitars

11/13/2011 – Stephallen Guitars

Phoenix at JAPEX 2011

Coming up soon a guitar compilation album “GUITAR ZONE” lot’s of cool tracks! stay tune :D

Check out Stephallen guitars at Jakarta Audiopro Expo (JAPEX) 10th-13th November 2011

Currently working on the new album “DARK REVOLUTION” check out some free music on the following link

Morley Pedals !

Release soon “ It’d Rude Not To “ from The Feckers!

Click here for more info!

New Guitar “Phoenix Series” Designed by Stephallen Guitars & Ponch Satrio

Check out the Phoenix demo track Harbingers of Death (Right Click + Save As)

05/17/11 – Clinician for PRS Guitar, Tech 21 Amp and Morley Pedals, in Semarang (25th May) and Solo (26th May 2011)

05/16/11 – Just done a recording session for Matt Hirt one of a great composers I’ve ever work with, you can check out his work and music on TV, Hollywood Movies (Mr & Mrs Smith, Rush Hour 3, Harold & Kumar, etc) and in other great projects around the globe.

03/04/11 – My music is available on iTunes, you can download it now ! Guitarville - Ponch Satrio

01/03/11 – Got endorsed with Home Brew Electronics pedals USA, I use Big D, Power Screamer and Germania, awesome pedals ! :D

Guitarville is out now, 16 tracks instrumental guitar stuff ! had great time recording all those fun tracks, lot’s of notes here and there, don’t forget to get you a copy !!

Guitarville. 2011


Currently I’m officially the member of THE FECKERS, hopefully we will release the CD soon, check out our official page here

It’s all about the music – if you like it riffladen, soulful and with content that will make you take notice – and not just 3 min pop ditties – then The Feckers will have a surprise or two for you….soon !

Enjoy my humble entry for Blue Bug competition by Milan Polak,


Here’s the clip preview of Get The Vision CD “GET THE VISION PREVIEW CLIPS” (Right click “MP3″ and save as)

Great news ! Mad Guitar Records (Finland) “Melodic Soloists” compilation album is now OUT! got my tune “Atomic Blues” on that album among others great musicians like Mr.Fastfinger, Jose De Castro, Rick Graham, Porty, and many more ! check out this following link for more details and go get it !WWW.GUITAREUROSHOP.COM

Check out my tune Atomic Blues on myspace player above and help me by click and vote my tune as your fav track on: Thanks a lot for the support !